About The IAUA League

The IAUAL stands for Independent & Unsigned Artists League, founded in December 1, 2020 on the end point of our countries pandemic. The IAUA League was setup to give independent artist a league, platform, showcase, forum to showcase good music to their fans. The IAUA Legue is a upgrade to FSC Radio Philadelphia who has been providing a voice for indie artist for almost a decarde without no breaks.

We realized our platform was global and too big for the thousands of independent artist contacting us daily seeking exposure on our small platform, it was then we decided to create a platform that can help the many seeking exposure.

With the traffic collected we decided to create a league that would empower indie artist to focus more on their fanbase and less on getting thier music heard, with this mindset now there is no excuses or reasons why an artist couldn't succeed. Indie artists music can only play on one station at a time, however their music will be promoted on all stations.

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