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How to Submit your Music

1) Artist submitting music to us must donation a minimum of $10.00 for a max of 3 songs off of your album.

2) Send your songs in mp3 format, album cover, and social links to iaualeague@gmail.com with the subject Music Submission.

3) Send your donation to https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/basicfsc be sure to add your artist name in the comment section, this is linked to your music submission.

4) Once your donation is validated you will be added.


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Music Submission Disclaimer:
Due to the covid19 shutdowns we will no longer be accepting free submissions as our budget can not afford it. We do not use google ads to offset expenses, so as states our budget does not allow for free submission and only donating supporters will be added to our rotation.

We are not Affiliated or under the guildlines of the FCC, Online Streaming Licensing, or Nilson Reports which payola applies. Also all music played on our platform is played randomly and there is no favor to any one artist.